Matthew Parker



Oracle/SQL Enterprise Architect




Matthew Parker’s title really doesn’t do him justice because, while he began his career as an Oracle Database Engineer and has never strayed far from this expertise, his 23-year career path has propelled him through many Oracle, then SQL Server database and infrastructure technologies. His past titles include Oracle and SQL Server Developer, Persistence Engineer, Archive Engineer, Systems Administrator, Engineer of Last Resort, Technical Manager, Global Call Leader, Infrastructure Architect, Network Architect, Systems Architect, Oracle Exadata Architect, Data Center Solution Architect, and Chief Technologist, which catches us up to his current, hard-earned title. This may seem like a lot of roles, but not for someone with 70 man-years of Oracle experience — Matthew has typically worked 120+ hours per week over the past 23 years, and with impressive efficiency. Many of these titles were promotions through key Oracle and SQL Server database-related roles at Amazon over a recent seven-year period, shortly before he began consulting for Arc DBA Consulting.

Matthew’s extensive Oracle and SQL Server technical, data, and systems architecture background has involved designing, implementing, monitoring, end-to-end performance tuning and troubleshooting highly scalable, large scale distributed systems and high-availability mission critical production business solutions — both the Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom varieties. These solutions have utilized architectures ranging from dedicated equipment, in-house clouds, hybrid clouds, and public clouds with relational database systems, principally Oracle and SQL Server, but also NoSQL, In-Memory and Hadoop data stores.