Our Services

Our expertise is the entire Oracle technology stack, not just the database.

Arc DBA Consulting specializes in providing senior Oracle Applications DBA services for the following four Oracle applications:

We install, upgrade, migrate, maintain and tune the database specifically for these applications, manage the respective application servers, and as Oracle EBS DBAs administer the entire EBS technology stack.

Our Oracle DBAs are experts with the latest releases of Oracle database and its core technologies, including:

We architect, implement, maintain, upgrade, troubleshoot and tune these products for customers in engagements of all sizes and complexities.

Our Oracle DBAs are enterprise architects who can isolate problems to the affected technology stack tier and often fix them. But for troubleshooting that requires more expertise with a particular tier, we have senior infrastructure engineers who can assist the customer’s IT staff in pinpointing and resolving the problem with the following tiers:

Each engineer is certified with one or more major infrastructure vendors’ products, and they collectively support all major vendors.