Oracle GoldenGate DBA Services

Our Oracle DBAs specialize in designing and implementing complex GoldenGate systems that are surprisingly easy to maintain.

Oracle GoldenGate provides high performance, low-impact data movement in real-time using log-based change data capture to deliver change data real-time to operational data stores, data warehouses, reporting systems, and other OLTP databases. Database transactions can be distributed, transformed, routed, and delivered across heterogeneous databases and operating systems for purposes of business intelligence, continuous availability, or zero downtime migration. Bidirectional replication is available without distance limitation, as well as transactional integrity and fast recovery after interruptions.

Arc DBA Consulting’s¬†GoldenGate DBA experts can install and configure the product to meet initial data integration objectives, then drive a long-term strategy that capitalizes on your existing information infrastructure to ensure subsequent projects proceed in the same vein. Our GoldenGate DBAs have the skills and experience to plan, design, implement, and administer GoldenGate projects dovetailed to your particular environment and business needs.

Arc DBA Consulting typically supplies the following GoldenGate services to clients:


Design GoldenGate architecture and migration approach

  • Provide an overview of GoldenGate concepts, functionality, and use cases to the customer team
  • Review migration requirements and current environment, including database objects
  • Create a technical roadmap for using GoldenGate to complete your data migration with minimal risk, thereby avoiding common technical hurdles encountered by those who are not completely familiar with the product.
  • Identify and document the most salient GoldenGate features to leverage so as to meet your data migration goals.
  • Determine the best migration approach that also minimizes the impact to your business from unplanned downtime and project delays that can result from errors in the migration process.


Implement GoldenGate

  • Review the current environment, including database schemas
  • Present and document a proposed high-level architectural project plan
  • Install and configure GoldenGate using best practices and perform initial database synchronization procedures
  • Implement desired GoldenGate product functionality and monitoring
  • Configure GoldenGate for disaster recovery and data protection, by integrating it with Oracle Data Guard and Fast-Start-Fail-Over (FSFO) for immediate, automated, transparent, zero data loss failover of mission-critical systems
  • Configure GoldenGate to minimize downtime for database platform migration such as for Oracle EBS, system upgrades or maintenance activities, to eliminate downtime from planned or unplanned outages, or to improve system performance and scalability.
  • Provide real-time data synchronization for distributed applications across geographies for reliable access to timely data.
  • Configure GoldenGate to offload read-only activities from production systems by replicating data between heterogeneous sources and targets.


Review / upgrade GoldenGate

  • Evaluate how well your existing GoldenGate deployment is performing, including issues with functionality or performance reported in service requests
  • Recommend how to further leverage GoldenGate to more fully realize migration objectives
  • Review GoldenGate requirements, replication architecture, database objects, parameter files, runtime procedures, and report files
  • Help implement additional product functionality with changes to platform architecture, infrastructure, and operational processes
  • Document all findings and recommendations in an engagement report