Oracle Recovery Manager DBA Services

We can help ensure your Oracle database B&R plan covers all the bases.

Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) is the Oracle-supplied tool for backing up and recovering the database reliably and efficiently. RMAN is fully integrated with the Oracle Database and Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) to perform a range of backup and recovery (B&R) tasks, including some bundled RMAN B&R solutions that Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) supplies.

As OEM experts, we can help centralize and standardize your B&R activities by configuring OEM to run all RMAN scheduled jobs. Using the OEM framework, we can set up notification of failed RMAN backups, configure automated corrective actions for failures, and much more.

RMAN is also integrated with Oracle Recovery Appliance, which provides zero data loss protection for all your Oracle databases, irrespective of version or platform, and offloads B&R processing to a centralized appliance on a unified disk pool. We are well-versed in setting up Recovery Appliance, particularly with Exadata.



Below is our general approach when a client asks for help implementing a B&R solution utilizing RMAN across their enterprise.

develop a general database b&R strategy

  • Define a database backup strategy, including determining disk and tape backup methods and schedules, enabling block change tracking, using Recovery Appliance, and setting up automatic notification of failed RMAN backup jobs.
  • Define a database recovery strategy, including recovering from instance, media, RAC node or RAC cluster failures, and determining the best retention policies for Flashback Database, undo, and RMAN retention windows for disk, tape, online and offline backups of archive logs and database files.

install & configure rman

  • Install and configure an RMAN recovery catalog database or Recovery Appliance catalog and configure backups of the recovery catalog database itself.
  • Tune B&R related database initialization parameters.
  • Configure Fast Recovery Area (FRA), Flashback Database, and block change tracking.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot RMAN functionality and performance issues.
  • Use OEM Cloud Control or crontab commands to schedule and perform backups.
  • Create and test RMAN OEM or custom scripts for all B&R scenarios.

implement Rman b&R strategy

  • Develop an RMAN backup strategy, including backup configuration and tuning for primary and standby databases in Data Guard / RAC configurations, and how to detect and fix corrupt data blocks.
  • Develop an RMAN media recovery strategy, including recovery preparation for the most likely database failure scenarios.
  • Define an RMAN-integrated Flash recovery strategy, including Flashback Database configuration and how to use Flashback Drop, Table, Query, Versions Query, and Transaction Query.
  • Document the RMAN B&R strategy in an engagement summary and conduct an RMAN operations walk-through with your DBA team.